EXPROBIZ Business Consultancy Services

EXPROBIZ is always seeking leading-edge technology and service vendors wishing to enhance their business in the Middle East, North Africa and India region. EXPROBIZ can assist with your entry into this region, or augment your existing marketing and business development effort.

EXPROBIZ has extensive experience of selling products and services in the region, including digital rock imaging products and services, geoscience software, data management solutions, geophysical equipment and services, and safety management software.

Companies that EXPROBIZ has worked with include:

  • ION Geophysical, USA
  • Digitalcore, Australia
  • Nisoft, Northern Ireland
  • Numerical Rocks, Norway
  • Lithicon, Norway
  • FEI, USA
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA
  • RRT, Australia
  • Perigon, UK
  • Geotek, UK

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