EXPROBIZ has been providing business development, marketing and sales consulting services since 2010 to international companies wishing to do business throughout the Middle East, North Africa and India region. Clients have included Thermo Fisher Scientific, FEI, Lithicon, Digitalcore and Nisoft.

EXPROBIZ has provided business development services to clients doing business in the oil & gas E&P sector and in safety management software for power stations and steel and aluminium plants.

EXPROBIZ has extensive experience in the GCC (United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain), Egypt and India, particularly in the upstream oil & gas sector. We have particular experience in digital rock technology, including microCT, SEM and FIBSEM imaging solutions and related software for image analysis, interpretation and display.

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EXPROBIZ also organises and runs specialist conferences and workshops primarily for the upstream oil & gas industry. We are currently orgainising the International Rock Imaging Summit, to be held virtually 17-19 November 2020.

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